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The Begining

In 1993, a dedicated group of individuals concerned about the future of Indian martial arts, especially Kalarippayat of Kerala and Adi Murai of Trivandrum and Kanyakumari Districts, founded Nithya Chaithanya Kalari® in Delhi, India.


The Name

The name Nithya Chaithanya was carefully selected to reflect of the ancient martial art form. Nithya is a Sanskrit word which means ‘always or eternal.’ Chaithanya means ‘energy, consciousness, vitality, life, knowledge.’


Nithya Chaithanya Kalari envisaged to become an international centre of learning and exchange of techniques, knowledge, ideas and research on the martial and related healing and meditation arts.


Nithya Chaithanya Kalari is the only Government Approved training institute in northern India and is affiliated / life member of many national and international Cultural Institutions in India and abroad. Since our inception, we have conducted various performances in India & abroad, particularly in Delhi, for important personalities.


  • National Kalarippayat Federation

  • Nehru Yuva Kala Sangatgan, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of India

  • Empanelled with Indian Council for Cultural Relations and also

  • Nithya Chaithanya Kalari has been documented by the national and international T.V. channels like DD Bharati, Jain T.V., MBC (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) and BBC in the quest for reaching the roots of Kalari.

  • Late Sh. Krishna Kant, former Vice-President of India

  • Dr. Manmohan Sigh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

  • Mrs. Shiela Dixit, former Chief Minister of Delhi

  • Dr. Balram Jakar, Governor of Madhya Pradesh

  • Sh. Madan Lal Khurana, former Governor of Rajasthan

  • Sh. Vijay Kapoor, former Lt. Governor of Delhi,

  • Dr. G.V.G. Krishnamurthy, former Election Commissioner of India

  • Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President

  • Late Sh. Madhav Rao Scindia, former Minister of HRD


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Profile of founder


Dr. Murugan Pillai Gurukkal, Principal Teacher and the founder cum secretary of Nithya Chaithanya Kalari in Northern India has been decorated the honorary Gurukal title, signifying that he has received the master-ship from all his previous gurus in his lineage of this art. He is also the Honorary Joint Secretary in National Silambam Federation.

Murugan Gurukal has revived the art of Kalarippayat in North India, gave a new life, zest of excellence, coordination and made number of disciples in and outside India. Murugan Pillai is one of the few existing people in modern times who know the ancient art of Kalari Marma Chikitsa (Ancient Indian Touch/Healing System) or knowledge of vital pressure points in the human body used in ancient warfare and medicinal system for treating several untreatable diseases.

Dr. Murugan Pillai Gurukkal

Active Member in

  • Member in “World Martial Arts Union” USA

  • Life Member in “INTACH” (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), Delhi Chapter.

  • Life time member in “Indian Association of Sports Medicine”(IASM)

  • Life time member in “Indian Board of Alternative Medicine” (IBAM), Calcutta

  • Life time member in “World Society of Integrated Medicine” (WSIM), USA.

  • Life member in “Akhila India Siddha Maruthuva Kazagam” (AISMK), Tamil Nadu.

  • Life member in “The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines” (WCICTD)

  • Life member in “India World Cultural Forum” (IWCF), Delhi.

  • Coordinator, “International Self Defence Organisation” (ISDO)

  • Joint Secretary, National Silambam Federation (Affiliated to World Silambam Federation)

  • Gen. Secretary, “Delhi Kalarippayat Association” (DKA)

  • Life member Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, New Delhi

Achievement Felicitations

  • Best stage performance at Mauritius felicitated by Hon’ble President of Mauritius in 2009

  • Achievement award towards contribution of promoting Kalarippayat in northern India – felicitated by Malayalee Welfare Association, Mayur Vihar Phase – III, Delhi in 2011

  • Achievement award towards contribution of promoting Kalarippayat in India and abroad - felicitated by Delhi Panchavadya Trust, Delhi in 2012

  • Best stage performance at Delhi in 18th National Championship of Jeet-Kun Do- felicitated by National Jeet Kun-Do Federation in 2015.

  • Awarded by Persatua Silambam Malaysia (Malaysian Silambam Association) Honorary Black Belt – Silambam in 2016.

  • Best Stage performance in Delhi at 18th National Cultural Festival felicitated by India Cultural Forum, Delhi in 2016

  • Special Honour award by M.D.D Bal Bhawan, Karnal towards contribution to Kalarippayat in Northern India (since 1993) in 2017.

  • Honour Awarded by National Integrated Forum of Artists & Activities(NIFFA) for best stage performance in Harmony – 2017 held at Karnal in 2017.

  • Achievement Award by All India Malayalee Association (AIMA) towards contribution to spreading Kerala Martial art in Worldwide - 2017.

  • Achievement Award by Pravasi Bharati (Kerala) – 2018 “ Udyog Patra “ Award – 2018.

  • Dr. Gautam Award in 2018 by Physical Education Foundation of India.

Telangana is the second headquarters of the NC Kalari which is co-founded by Kalari Shiva (Dr. Venkateshwara Sivaram Bogiri), who is the chief trainer of NC kalari, Hyderabad. He has received the master-ship from his guru Dr. Murugan in his lineage of this art. He is also an MBBS, DNB specialist doctor in department of Anesthesia & Intensive Care.


Kalari Shiva under the guidance of Murugan Guruji has expanded the art of Kalari in Hyderabad which is popularly called as marmakala in telugu speaking states. He has also completed the ancient art of Kalari Marma Chikitsa and knowledge of vital pressure points in the human body used in ancient warfare and medicinal system for treating several untreatable diseases. He has been promoting the art of kalari in various live stage performances, workshops, live demonstrations in and around Delhi from 2017 to till date.