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Nithya Chaithanya Kalari - Traditional Indian Martial Art

Discover the Holistic System of Kalaripayattu

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The name Nithya Chaithanya was carefully selected to reflect of the ancient martial art form. Nithya is a Sanskrit word which means ‘always or eternal.’ Chaithanya means ‘energy, consciousness, vitality, life, knowledge.’


Experience the Ancient Art of Kalaripayattu

Kalarippayattu Training

Kalarippayattu is more than just fighting. It encompasses an entire way of life, incorporating physical fitness, mental stability, spiritual awareness, healing, and meditation. A true Kalari warrior does not cause harm to opponents. And if any harm is caused, he must also be able to treat and cure the injured.

Meithari (Physical exercise)

Kolthari (Wooden weapon fight)


Ankathari (Iron/steel weapon)

Verumkai Prayogam (Unarmed combat)

Upcoming Events

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Experience the Excitement of International Events with Us



At Nithya Chaitanya Kalari, we recently had the pleasure of performing at a martial arts event in the beautiful Indonesia, where we showcased our expertise and promoted the importance of self-defense. We are always excited to participate in events and share our passion for martial arts with others. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming events by visiting our website or following us on social media.

Shaolin, China

We are proud to have been part of an international event in Shaolin, China, where we had the pleasure of showcasing our martial arts skills alongside performers from five different countries. It was an opportunity to exchange and learn about different martial arts cultures while demonstrating the unique features of Nithya Chaitanya Kalari.


What People Say

Sudarshan Barik

Sudarshan Barik, a student pursuing Interior designing from Hyderabad. As an intrest towards ancient martial arts, I choose to learn Kalaripayattu under the guidance of Guru Dr. Murugan pillai and Dr. Kalari Shiva from Nithya Chaitanya Kalari, Hyderabad. NC Kalari is the academy where I gained a lot of knowledge in every aspects of Kalaripayattu. I'm Greatful for taking me as a disciple of Nithya Chaitanya Kalari.

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